Elsa & Anna – “Let It Go” / “Let Her Go” Mash-Up

So I’m a huge fan of the movie Frozen and I heard this song on Youtube and thought of two pairings that it would work well with. The first pairing I thought of was Kristoff and Anna, and then after thinking about it for a while, I realized it could also work for Elsa and Anna. No, I do not ship them together, but for me, when I heard it, I just thought of their sisterly bond and how Elsa couldn’t really be there for Anna anymore once that incident happened when they were kids… The ending is also how Anna never gave up on her sister, no matter how much Elsa shut her out….

Please pay attention to the credits at the end of the video. I have NOTHING (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) to do with the song. I found it online, fell in love with it and thought it suited the video…..