Elsa The Snow Queen – Disney’s Frozen

I know I’ve been sticking to JonBenet and other missing/murdered children but I think I’m going to be posting about anything/everything from now on and not just missing/murdered children/people.

Right now, My favorite movie is Disney’s Frozen starring Anna Of Arendelle and her older and only sister, Elizabeth “Elsa”. Elsa has a special power that can freeze things in an instant. Anna never knew of Elsa’s secret power. When Elsa was 8 years old, Anna 5, Elsa hurt her sister with her ice power and nearly killed her by accident. So, Elsa was locked away in her bedroom. When Elsa was 18, Anna 15, Their parents died. Elsa still stayed locked in her room. 3 years later, 18 year old Anna can finally leave her castle and see the city of Arendelle. She has not seen the city in 12 years. Elsa is to be crowned Queen. The coronation goes on. Elsa is Queen. During the party, Anna causes a fight/argument with her sister and Elsa, In frustration, Throws ice across her room exposing her secret to everybody. Elsa then runs in fear and flees the castle. Anna and Hans chase after Elsa but she’s gone. Far in the mountains, Elsa builds her own ice castle and changes her look. Bun to braid, Fancy dress to ice dress, Flat shoes to ice heels. Elsa becomes her true self and lets her magic brake free. Anna sets out to try and find her sister and when she does find Elsa, She tells her that she has Frozen the entire city. Elsa gets very worried and upset at what she has done and causes a storm inside the castle room. Elsa takes the storm inside her and lets it all go causing ice spikes to go everywhere. 1 ice spike hits Anna in the heart and causes her to collapse to the floor in agony. Kristoff and Olaf, Anna’s companions, Run up after hearing the yelling and the crash of the ice hitting the walls. Anna stands up and says she is fine then Elsa tells them to leave. They don’t. Elsa spawns a snow monster to remove Anna, Kristoff and Olaf from the castle. A little while after Anna and her friends leave, Hans and his helpers, Who are looking for Anna, Come across Elsa’s castle. Hans instructs everybody there that they are to find Princess Anna and no harm is to come to Queen Elsa. 2 of the helpers run inside after seeing the Queen close the doors. They chase her to the top floor where she stops in fear. 1 Guy shoots an arrow at her but she puts ice infront of her. The arrow hits the ice but goes through it coming 1 inch from hitting her face. Elsa then starts using her magic, Which she hates doing, And traps one guy against the wall with ice and try’s to knock the other guy off the railing. As she is pushing the guy off the deck into a giant trench, Hans runs in to stop her. She stops and turns. Hans see’s the guy stuck to the wall about to shoot Elsa and he moves the guys hand up. The arrow hits the chandelier and falls right above Elsa. She see’s it coming and runs out of the way but slips and falls, Hits her head and knocks her self out. Anna is making her way back to Arendelle when she notices her hair changing color. From orange, To white. As time goes on, Anna gets colder and colder and more of her hair turns white. After a little while, Anna is so cold she can barely stand. Her hair is almost completely white. Kristoff rushes her to Arendelle so a “True Loves Kiss” will save her. Her fiance Hans is waiting for her safe return. After she is there, She updates him on all thats happened. He leans in for a kiss then backs off. Closes all the curtains, blows out the candles and the fire place. Then, Hans locks Anna in the room for her to freeze to death. Anna’s hair turns completely white and she lays on the floor in the room shivering and falling asleep.