Pink Spidergirl Pregnant & Spiderman vs Joker! Spiderbaby & Frozen Elsa Superhero Fun in Real Life

Spiderman, Frozen Elsa, pregnant Pink Spidergirl and Black Spiderman are waiting for the arrival of the doctor coming to perform an ultrasound on Pink Spidergirl. The doctor seems to be a little late. Spiderman takes on himself to call her to find out why she is late. As it turns out, she is busy with a very special patient, the Joker. He is actually a little sick and needs to receive a shot in order to bring his fever down. As the doctor picks up her phone, the Joker pulls one of his little tricks and installs a device on the doctor’s ultrasound machine. The Joker then leaves and the doctor is ready for Pink Spidergirl’s ultrasound. As she begins scanning Pink Spidergirl’s tummy, something strange happens….Pink Spidergirl and Black Spiderman are anxiously waiting to see their Spiderbaby but the Joker has ruined everything!!! Will they get to see their Spiderbaby? Watch until the end to find out 🙂

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