Play Doh Frozen Elsa and Anna Barbie Doll Color Change Twin Makeover Play-Doh Dress DisneyCarToys

Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Play Doh Barbie Doll dreses, DisneyCarToys transforms an Elsa Barbie doll and Anna doll with a Play-Dough Makeover! The Frozen Disney Princess sisters get the same play-doh gowns to now look more like twin sisters. The Elsa and Anna Barbies are from the Color Change Elsa and Anna Barbie series that DisneyCarToys filmed. Elsa’s Play-Doh dress is made out of several playdoh rectangle strips. This Play Doh Barbie gown is very pretty for Elsa and Anna. In the Disney Frozen movie, Elsa is an ice princess. Elsa and her sister Anna are the two main characters in the Disney Frozen movie. Elsa and Anna wear the same playdoh dresses and get play doh necklaces too.

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